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Center For Emerging Truth

You might just hold the key

The Center For Emerging Truth is founded on the principle that we all have a Divine spark within us that strives for recognition, growth, and awareness. We provide a safe environment where one can explore that need for growth, share their understanding, question their truth, and expand their awareness while doing so with a group of like-minded people.

At the Center For Emerging Truth we recognize and profoundly believe that each one of us is unique, that our individual backgrounds and spiritual understanding is ours and ours alone. This makes us a vital and necessary part of the whole.

Your input, your part, your truth may help me or others to better understand our own spiritual role and aid us along our own spiritual path, just as we might help you.

Come and join us. Help us to better understand where we/me/you fit into the larger picture while we continue in our spiritual growth and understanding.oolbar.

YOU might just hold the key!!